Heavy Duty Degreaser

Industrial water-based degreaser

  • Biodegradable
  • Meets Low V.O.C. >25g/perL when diluted at 2:1
  • Green Seal® Certified GS-34 Clean Air Solvent
  • South Coast AQMD Certified Clean Air Solvent
  • California Prop 65 Safe with no listed ingredients
  • CNC Machine Compatible
  • Blaser/Swisslube Certified Compatible
  • Great for ultrasonic, spray and wipe, dip, and parts washing applications
South Coast AQMD
NFS International Certified
Four out of five stars on Amazon

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Environmental Certifications

Heavy Duty Degreaser In Action

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Manufacturer Part Number: WWHD-1G WWHD-2G WWHD-1GCS WWHD-5G WWHD-55DR WWHD-275 WWHD-330

Manufacturer GTIN:  0855290004012 0855290004616 0855290004098 0855290004029 0855290004036 0855290004265 0855290004258