Keteca Water Works

high performance industrial water based degreasers

Who we are

Keteca Water Works is a USA based manufacturer of high-performance water-based(aqueous) degreasers that remove grease, dirt, and grime from any surface compatible with water.

Using a water-based degreaser in place of harsh solvents you can minimize human and environmental exposure to toxic substances.  Therefore by consciously using a more specific and purposeful water-based degreaser you can help the workplace be safer for everyone in and around it. 

Keteca Water Works water-based degreasers/cleaners targets specific hard to clean substances such as dirt, heavy oils and greases.  In addition we can also build from these chemistries to develop a unique water based grease cleaner solution designed specifically for the job you have at hand.  Just contact our R&D lab with your toughest cleaning problem, we are always up for a new challenge.

All our products are high-performance water-based degreasers and therefore safer for the worker and environment than traditional solvents.

Keteca Water Works products are made in the USA.

How We Work

In our decades of research and field work Keteca Water Works has developed and refined a line of safer, water-based grease cleaner to meet the demand of hard to clean substances.  For instance these hard to clean substances include grease, oil, asphalt, printing ink, and hydraulic fluid, just to name a few.  Our water-based degreasers use the power of environmentally safer chemistry to break down the substance you wish to clean and then the power of water to wash it away.  Therefore you can reduce and/or eliminate the harsh solvents from the workplace thus reducing worker exposure and disposal costs. 

We believe using the right tool for the job is always important whether you are turning a wrench, washing a window, or cleaning an oil drilling platform.  Our water based degreasers are designed to work hard so you don’t have to.

Where We Work

Industries you can find Keteca Water Works water-based grease cleaners in range from the semiconductor industry, to metalworking, to DOT Agencies (Department of Transportation), and to oil drilling platforms off of the coast of California and Texas.

The surfaces Keteca Water Works water-based degreasers work on range of materials from ferrous and non-ferrous,  plastics, and other various substrates.  This means for the non-engineer most metals and plastics are compatible. 

In conclusion believe with the right chemistry a water-based degreaser can remove anything, just look at the power of water in nature when used alone.  All we add are advanced surfactants to aid the water in doing its job.

Research & Design Lab

Keteca Water Works has a dedicated Research and Design team in the USA that is well equipped to tackle your toughest challenges.  We have developed custom solutions for the oil and gas industry, printing industry, manufacturing industry, and other unique projects where an off the shelf solution just won’t work.  We are also there to help when transitioning from a toxic grease remover to a water based formula, sometimes it is not as easy as switching cleaning solutions. Some processes might need changing depending on workflow. We have seen it and we can help guide you through that change before it happens.  We are willing to get as involved as you need and help you become a more environmentally safer company.