Water Based Degreasers

We have a wide assortment of water based degreasers and cleaners designed for demanding industrial applications.  From Asphalt removal by a state Department of Transportation to the manufacturing of miniature microphones our products are used around the world.

Not seeing a water based degreaser that fits your needs?

Keteca Water Works Research & Design Lab

Keteca Water Works has a dedicated Research and Design team in the USA that is well equipped to tackle your toughest challenges.  We have developed custom water based degreasers and cleaner solutions for the oil and gas industry, printing industry, manufacturing industry, and other unique projects where an off the shelf solution just won’t work.  We are also here to help when transitioning from toxic and harsh solvents to water based degreasers. Sometimes it is not straight forward when switching cleaning solutions and we know that.  We are willing to get as involved as you need and help you become a more environmentally safer company.